Won items (92)
Tec-9VariCamo Field-Tested
Not decided yet
MAC-10Curse Factory New
Sold for $2.02
FAMASSurvivor Z Well-Worn
Sold for $0.69
Galil ARRocket Pop Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.28
MP7Impire Factory New
Sold for $0.97
USP-SSerum Factory New
Sold for $5.50
M4A1-SBasilisk Well-Worn
Sold for $1.50
FAMASDjinn Well-Worn
Sold for $1.00
R8 RevolverFade Factory New
Sold for $6.99
MAG-7Hard Water Well-Worn
Sold for $0.18
MP7Ocean Foam Factory New
Sent | $0.79
Galil ARSugar Rush Well-Worn
Sold for $3.83
FAMASDoomkitty Field-Tested
Sold for $0.53
SG 553Ultraviolet Well-Worn
Sent | $0.83
P90Shapewood Field-Tested
Sold for $1.13
M4A4Desert-Strike Field-Tested
Sold for $11.20
MAG-7Heat Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.26
USP-SCyrex Well-Worn
Sold for $1.89
MP7Cirrus Well-Worn
Sold for $0.22
PP-BizonJudgement of Anubis Field-Tested
Sold for $2.35
MP7Nemesis Field-Tested
Sold for $2.12
Desert EagleOxide Blaze Factory New
Sold for $0.50
Five-SeveNMonkey Business Minimal Wear
Sold for $4.50
PP-BizonJudgement of Anubis Factory New
Sold for $5.94
P2000Pulse Well-Worn
Sold for $0.25
P250Undertow Factory New
Sold for $4.51
Five-SeveNCapillary Well-Worn
Sold for $0.10
P90Module Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.29
MP7Cirrus Factory New
Sold for $0.78
R8 RevolverAmber Fade Field-Tested
Sold for $0.47
AWPElectric Hive Minimal Wear
Sent | $9.47
FAMASSurvivor Z Well-Worn
Sold for $1.13
P90Chopper Field-Tested
Sold for $0.36
Desert EagleMeteorite Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.34
Tec-9Ice Cap Field-Tested
Sold for $0.06
NovaGhost Camo Factory New
Sold for $0.20
XM1014Quicksilver Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.10
MAG-7Heaven Guard Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.07
NegevDazzle Field-Tested
Sold for $0.05
SG 553Aloha Factory New
Sold for $0.24
P2000Woodsman Factory New
Sold for $1.83
M4A1-SDark Water Field-Tested
Sold for $5.48
NovaExo Factory New
Sold for $0.11
P2000Imperial Dragon Minimal Wear
Sold for $1.76
NegevPower Loader Well-Worn
Sent | $0.53
UMP-45Riot Factory New
Sold for $0.68
FAMASDjinn Minimal Wear
Sold for $1.47
Sawed-OffAmber Fade Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.06
Glock-18Moonrise Factory New
Sold for $3.99
USP-SBlueprint Well-Worn
Sold for $1.30
MAC-10Aloha Field-Tested
Sold for $0.49
MAC-10Heat Field-Tested
Sold for $0.48
G3SG1Murky Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.19
XM1014Heaven Guard Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.64
PP-BizonCobalt Halftone Factory New
Sold for $0.59
M4A4Evil Daimyo Well-Worn
Sold for $6.30
SG 553Phantom Factory New
Sent | $1.00
MP9Black Sand Factory New
Sold for $0.37
★ Shadow DaggersTiger Tooth Factory New
Sold for $87.00
AWPElectric Hive Well-Worn
Sold for $15.94
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