Won items (74)
Desert EagleBronze Deco Well-Worn
Sold for $0.21
Sawed-OffSerenity Factory New
Sold for $0.98
MAC-10Curse Well-Worn
Sold for $2.70
AWPWorm God Well-Worn
Sold for $1.23
AWPRedline Field-Tested
Sold for $9.31
AWPWorm God Factory New
Sold for $1.57
Sawed-OffWasteland Princess Well-Worn
Sold for $1.18
P90Shapewood Field-Tested
Sold for $1.13
P90Elite Build Field-Tested
Sold for $0.09
FAMASMacabre Well-Worn
Sold for $0.24
NegevPower Loader Field-Tested
Sold for $1.00
NovaExo Field-Tested
Sold for $0.29
MAG-7SWAG-7 Field-Tested
Sold for $0.57
USP-STorque Field-Tested
Sold for $0.55
Dual BerettasCobra Strike Field-Tested
Sent | $2.96
PP-BizonJudgement of Anubis Factory New
Sold for $5.94
FAMASValence Minimal Wear
Sold for $1.04
MP9Airlock Factory New
Sold for $3.40
AWPGraphite Factory New
Sold for $33.51
M249Emerald Poison Dart Factory New
Sold for $0.89
Sawed-OffMorris Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.08
FAMASValence Field-Tested
Sold for $0.64
PP-BizonOsiris Factory New
Sold for $0.58
AK-47Orbit Mk01 Factory New
Sold for $8.00
CZ75-AutoRed Astor Field-Tested
Sold for $0.55
MAC-10Tatter Well-Worn
Sold for $0.68
PP-BizonJudgement of Anubis Minimal Wear
Sold for $3.63
Sawed-OffYorick Well-Worn
Sold for $0.09
M4A4Faded Zebra Minimal Wear
Sold for $1.70
NegevMan-o'-war Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.07
FAMASDjinn Field-Tested
Sent | $1.01
Five-SeveNRetrobution Well-Worn
Sold for $1.15
M4A1-SBriefing Well-Worn
Sold for $1.05
Tec-9Titanium Bit Factory New
Sold for $0.50
Tec-9Toxic Well-Worn
Sent | $0.75
Tec-9Cut Out Well-Worn
Sold for $0.22
PP-BizonBrass Field-Tested
Sold for $0.09
P2000Ivory Factory New
Sold for $0.45
SG 553Atlas Field-Tested
Sold for $0.07
AWPWorm God Well-Worn
Sold for $1.30
USP-SBlueprint Field-Tested
Sold for $0.95
AWPPhobos Minimal Wear
Sold for $1.64
Five-SeveNUrban Hazard Factory New
Sold for $0.30
P90Chopper Well-Worn
Sent | $0.45
M4A4Desert-Strike Well-Worn
Sold for $4.43
Five-SeveNRetrobution Minimal Wear
Sent | $0.90
AWPPhobos Minimal Wear
Sent | $1.64
NegevDazzle Field-Tested
Sold for $0.05
UMP-45Exposure Field-Tested
Sold for $0.32
XM1014Bone Machine Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.65
Five-SeveNSilver Quartz Well-Worn
Sold for $0.12
Dual BerettasPanther Field-Tested
Sold for $0.67
NovaExo Factory New
Sold for $0.55
P250Valence Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.17
PP-BizonNight Riot Factory New
Sold for $0.26
PP-BizonNight Riot Factory New
Sold for $0.26
CZ75-AutoTigris Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.91
XM1014Heaven Guard Minimal Wear
Sold for $0.64
Glock-18Reactor Field-Tested
Sold for $1.07
PP-BizonBrass Factory New
Sold for $0.52
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